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Dark Souls 3 NPC – Orbeck of Vinheim

by Bryan Dawson

If you need someone to sell you sorcery spells in Dark Souls 3, or you’re looking for the Morion Blade, Young Dragon Ring or Slumbering Dragon Ring, you can count on Orbeck, located in the Road of Sacrifices area. Our walkthrough of the Road of Sacrifices gives you a detailed location of where to find Orbeck, but he’s located on the top floor of the structure in the middle of the water, just before you move on to the Crystal Sage boss battle. You can access the top floor by heading up the stairs next to the bridge that connects the two areas of the structure.

When you speak with Orbeck in the Road of Sacrifices area, he will not assist you unless your Intelligence stat is 10 or higher. Once your Intelligence is high enough he will offer his assistance and travel back to the Firelink Shrine. However, there is a catch to this. You must bring Orbeck at least one scroll before you defeat four more bosses following his arrival at Firelink. If you don’t provide him with at least one scroll before defeating for additional bosses, he will leave.

Once is Orbeck at Firelink Shrine he will give you the Young Dragon Ring and Slumbering Dragon Ring. To obtain the Young Dragon Ring you must give him at least one scroll, buy at least three spells from him, and be playing any starting class other than Sorcerer. To obtain the Slumbering Dragon Ring, you must purchase the Aural Decoy, Farron Flashsword and Pestilent Mercury spells from Orbeck.

If you find every scroll in the game and purchase every spell Orbeck has to offer, his summon sign appears before the boss battle against Lorian and Lothric in the Grand Archives. Defeat the boss and Orbeck’s ashes are found in the Grand Archives. In addition, Yuria of Londor may ask you to kill Orbeck at some point. If you agree and take out the sorcerer, she will give you the Morion Blade.

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