Cyberpunk 2077: Secret Ending Guide

Here's how to get the secret ending in Cyberpunk 2077.

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Cyberpunk 2077 is a story-driven game where you create your own story in the Night City by making the right choices. This is done with the help of dialogue options that you get when interacting with other story characters. The way your story unfolds depends on the choices you made and your relationship with other characters. The game has FIVE different endings that you can get, and one of them is a Secret Ending which we will cover in this guide.

How to Unlock The Secret Ending

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To unlock the secret ending, you need to have a relationship with Johnny Silverhand that is at least 70% and should have completed the series of Side Quests related to him. Here are the side quests that you need to complete before you get the secret ending:

  • Tapeworm
  • Chippin’ In
  • Blistering Love

In case you have a relationship lower than 70% with Johnny, you can fix that by choosing the following dialogue options in the given order during the Chippin’ In side quest:

  • The Guy who Saved My Life
  • What do you want from me?
  • OK. But as second chances go, this is your last.
  • When you said you let down your friends…
  • Yeah, I’ll call Rogue.

If your relationship with Johnny is still not near 70%, just complete Rogue’s questline and get in a good relationship with her to boost your affinity with Johnny.

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After that, you just need to complete the story missions until you get to the point of no return when heading to Embers. After waking up in Viktor’s Clinic, you will get to talk to Johnny for the last time. Here, select the option “Think you and Rogue should go.”

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When the next dialogues menu appears, don’t select any option and wait for five minutes. Johnny will then speak up and give you the option to go on a last suicide run. Select the “Let’s hear this plan” dialogue and then choose the second dialogue option to attack the Arasaka Tower, which will then unlock the (Don’t Fear) The Reaper secret ending.

Now that you have unlocked the secret ending, Johnny will convince you to head into the Arasaka Tower from the main entrance and start blasting your way in. But here’s the catch, the enemies in the Arasaka Tower are at Level 50, and you are basically a nobody in front of them if your weapons level is below 50. This mission is scaled to the max level of 50, and your weapons will do no damage to the enemies.

On top of that, if you die at any point during the mission, the game will cut to a black screen, and the end-game credits will play. There is no option to respawn. However, if you do make it to the end and beat Adam Smasher in your face-off, you will get the option to choose from either The Sun or Temperance ending, but with a slight twist.

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You will see Johnny sitting on the other side of the table when you jack into Mikoshi Access Point instead of Johnny’s POV of you on the other side in the usual ending. Every other character from the story will be alive as well, regardless of the ending you choose.

This is all for the Secret Ending guide in Cyberpunk 2077. With the main storyline finished now, get yourself ready for the Phantom Liberty DLC by learning more about it in this guide.

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