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The Crew 2 – How to Get More Followers

by Josh Hawkins

If you want to become known in the underground racing world, then building up your follower base in The Crew 2 is going to be very important. Despite the fast cars, The Crew 2 is about far more than just passing the finish line in first place. You’ll also need to get more followers in The Crew 2, build up a loyal fanbase, and draw massive crowds to your events. Here’s what you need to know to get more followers in The Crew 2.

How to Get More Followers in The Crew 2

Getting more followers in The Crew 2 is vital if you want to unlock the fasted cars and other rides. Not only does drawing large crowds help out the race, but it also allows you to make more money, level up and progress through the game overall. If you can get more followers quickly, then you’ll be setting yourself up for a good start to your racing career in The Crew 2.

Every event that you complete in The Crew 2 will reward you with additional followers, so one of the best ways to up your follower count is going to be to take part in as many events as you can. This will make it very easy to quickly move up in the ranks, allowing you to draw much larger crowds to all of your races and events.

On top of completely events, progressing through the Live Xtrem campaign is a really good way to up your follower number and pad your numbers. It will also allow you to unlock some more rewarding events, which you can take part in to get more money, unlock new vehicles, and gain even more followers.

You can also up the difficulty of any race or event that you take part in to increase the number of followers that are rewarded for winning that particular event or match. The biggest negative to doing this, though, is that you’ll have to worry about much more difficult AI, so if you haven’t customized your vehicle, then you could very well end up struggling to place well.

In between racing, make sure you’re taking time to explore the world and take on stunts and trick events. This will give you a small amount of followers but doing so throughout your time in the game can and will provide you with a solid influx of new followers that will help pad your numbers and increase the amount of followers you have overall.

Make sure you check out the rest of our The Crew 2 guides for more help with the game, and be sure to find out how to get new parts to use to make your vehicles better, which will help you win races and become a more well known racer.


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