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Corridors of Time Destiny 2 Guide

by Ginny Woo

If you’re after some information on the latest quests that have landed in Destiny 2 thanks to the new Season of Dawn content, then you’re in luck. Possessing the Obelisk and the Sundial will be the new way for you to get powerful gear, and also for you to find out more about the lore around Osiris and Saint-14. Check out this guide on how to finish the Corridors of Time Destiny 2 quest

Corridors of Time Destiny 2 Guide

You’ll pick up the Corridors of Time once you’ve been able to deal with a portion of An Impossible Task from Osiris. You’ll have to pick up the Corridors of Time from the Sundial which will be kicking about nearby, and you’ll be told that this is the first part of what will be a multipart quest. The power level that you’ll want to have will be 850 and this will be indicated in-game when you pick up the quest. 

You’ll be prompted to enter what looks like a portal after you initiate the quest. Your job here is to just kill Vex. Yes, just kill as many Vex as you can. You’ll be pushed through a number of environments that will all involve you killing enemies, and this will repeat a few times until the game pops up with a new quest objective, which is going to be to find Saint-14. Finally!

Get back to the slaughtering with a little more haste now: Saint’s waiting for you. You’ll have to take out both Fallen and Vex enemies until you reach Saint-14, and then it becomes a matter of dispatching two enemies in this continuum – the House of Rain Servitor and the House of Rain Walker. We would prioritize the Servitor for its ability to shield its ally, but once these two are taken care of, you can rescue Saint-14 and kick the quest to a finish. 

Now that you have our Corridors of Time Destiny 2 guide in hand, you should be able to take care of its requirements before the next bit of this multipart quest drops. Need a hand with anything else in Destiny 2? Check out our tips and tricks:

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