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The Conjuring House: Survival Tips

by Prima Games Staff

The Conjuring House is a survival horror game filled with creepy moments and terrifying jump scares. To make it out of the game’s mansion alive, you’ll need to sharpen your navigational chops. Here are some basic tips to help you survive your journey through The Conjuring House.

Create a Mental Map

Mental note taking is crucial in The Conjuring House. When you enter the mansion, you won’t have a map or waypoints to tell you where to go next. You have the freedom to enter unlocked rooms in any order, so you’ll want to put together a mental map of the mansion as you move through it.

Take note of important landmarks in the mansion, like specific rooms or locked doors. This will make it easier to backtrack later when you find a new key and need to remember which new doors it opens.

Find Safe Rooms

The most important rooms you’ll want to take note of are safe rooms. Look for doors with a diamond symbol engraved on them. These rooms are the only spots where you can save your progress, so you’ll want to remember where they are and rush back to them after completing sections of the game. 

The game also features a persistent enemy, which can appear at any point and kill you if she gets too close. Safe rooms are crucial here, as they protect you from evil forces, so you’ll be safe from her when inside them. Whenever the enemy appears, you’ll want to escape to your nearest safe room if possible. 

If you find yourself cornered and unable to get to a safe room, you’ll be able to use talismen to temporarily stun her. However, these items are very limited, so be conservative when using these items. You’ll want to save them for emergency situations.

Search Thoroughly

Because supplies can be scarce, make sure to investigate every nook and cranny of each new room you discover. Remember that you can crouch, which can help you enter rooms partially boarded up with wooden planks. 

You’ll also want to open the drawers of any cabinet you come across to find talismen and flashlight batteries. Your flashlight eats up battery power quickly, so try to conserve your light as much as possible. You’ll need the flashlight to discover key elements, so don’t leave it on when exploring. Switch it on to check dark corners and hallways and then shut it off when you’re done.

Erring on the side of caution is the key to progress in this game, so be sure to stock up on supplies, save often, and learn your escape routes. Mastering these elements will increase your odds of survival in The Conjuring House. 

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