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Completing the Kids on Patrol Side Quest in the Final Fantasy VII Remake

by Thomas Wilde

We’re back in Chapter 8 of the Final Fantasy VII remake, Budding Bodyguard, where you wrap up your first adventure with Aerith by doing some dirty work on behalf of a bunch of Cloud’s biggest fans. It can be hard out here for an aspiring mercenary.

Here’s how to find and clear “Kids on Patrol” in the FF7 remake.

Completing the Kids on Patrol Side Quest in the Final Fantasy VII Remake

Once you complete the “Escort the Children” objective in the main storyline of Chapter 8, Oates will tip you off that there are some odd jobs you could do around town. You’ll want to make sure to meet the Moogle Merchant while you’re here, but your first port of call should be Ms. Folia in the Center District.

Ms. Folia will ask you to go around town and track down five kids for her, so she can focus on getting ready for her evening plans. She’s got a hint on deck for each kid’s location, which she’ll repeat for you if you talk to her again. The kids are easy to spot when you’re in the right place, as each one has a big wooden replica of Cloud’s Buster Sword on their back.

The first kid, who “patrols near some concrete pipes,” can be found in the southwestern corner of the Central District.

The second kid, who “likes to do her patrols in public areas,” is hanging out next to the big crowd of people next to the Item Shop.

Kid number 3, who “spends most of his time checking out the shops,” is right outside the Weapons Shop.

The fourth kid, who “loves to be fussed over by folks at the community center,” is standing next to an old woman sitting on a bench just west from the orphanage. There’s a Jukebox in the community center, which places an icon on your in-game map and makes the building easy to find.

Finally, the last kid “likes to stand guard at the town gate,” and can be found in the middle of the path that leads to Station Way from the Center District.

When you’ve found all five kids, return to the orphanage. Talk to the kids, and they’ll tell you about a monster called the Toad King that’s shown up near their hideout in town.

When you investigate, you’ll end up in a fight with a Hedgehog Pie King and his two Hedgehog Pie bodyguards. While all three Hedgehogs share a vulnerability to Blizzard spells, the King will constantly heal and buff the two Pies, which makes them a bit more dangerous than they’d be otherwise. Focus both regular Pies down one at a time before you take out the King. A few Blizzards and a brisk pummeling later, you’ve saved the day again.

To finish up the side quest, head back to the Leaf House. You’ll receive a new weapon for Cloud, the Nail Bat, from the grateful children. Completing “Kids on Patrol” is also a prerequisite for another side quest in Chapter 8, “A Verified Hero.”

If you’re playing on Hard Mode, your primary reward for this side quest is a Manuscript for Aerith, Telluric Prophecies Vol. VI, as a drop from the Hedgehog Pie King.

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This side quest opens up some big questions about the world of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, like why these things are called “Hedgehog Pies.” They first appeared in the original FF7 before going on to feature in many subsequent Final Fantasy games, but they’re not that spiky and they certainly aren’t baked into a flaky crust, so why are they called Pies? Help us answer this and many more of life’s troubling questions by following us on Twitter, @PrimaGames.

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