Complete Trait ID List in Starfield

We all know you messed up when you originally chose your perks...

Traits, also known as Perks, are optional advantages that you can select for your character while creating them in Starfield. However, it is essential to note that these can only be chosen during character creation and not afterward. If you feel that you have not made the right choice or have skipped choosing any trait, like myself, thinking you can do it later, there is still a way to fix it in most cases.

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The following is a list of Trait IDs for Starfield that you can utilize to make the necessary adjustments to your character.

ID List for All Traits in Starfield

There are two basic console commands that you need to know if you want to add or remove a perk from your character:

  • player.removeperk [Trait ID]
  • player.addperk [Trait ID]

[Trait ID] is one of the IDs you will find below. No brackets are needed. For example, if you want the Alien DNA Trait, you would type in:

player.addperk 002277FDA

The alternative is to restart the character creation progress from scratch by typing in the following command:

showlooksmenu player 1

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IDName of the Trait
00227FDAAlien DNA
00227FDFDream Home
00227FD5Freestar Collective Settler
00227FD9Hero Worshipped
00227FDEKid Stuff*
00227FD3Neon Street Rat
00227FD2Raised Enlightened
00227FD1Raised Universal
00227FD0Serpent’s Embrace
00227FE1Terra Firma
00227FD4United Colonies Native

An important note for Kid Stuff: Upon trying to give myself the Trait after character creation, I couldn’t access my parents’ home. This is probably because the event of you meeting your parents for the first time is scripted and involves you getting a note from your dad from Noel in The Lodge after the first two missions. You’ll then get a quest for it. If you do not have the Kid Stuff Trait there and then, the “trigger” for the event does not happen, and I so far have not found a way to get it to appear.

So, some Traits do not work as intended; make sure to save your game before doing any shenanigans within the console and double-check before saving after making any changes.

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