Complete Faction and Background ID List in Starfield

You can be anything you want to be in Starfield.

Starfield has a rich character creation and customization system, from your character’s appearance to more precise matters such as professional backgrounds, traits, and many more. Also, you can join several factions throughout your playthrough or get in trouble with them if you commit a crime. If you want to mess around with the console cheats and assign yourself some different background or pay off your bounty with a specific faction, you will be glad to browse through our Faction and Background ID lists.

Every Faction ID in Starfield

Here are the Faction IDs we know about for now below:

Crimson Fleet00010B30
Freestar Collective000638E5
Freestar Rangers00096529
House Va’ruun002758C5
Ryujin Industries0026FDEA
Red Mile002B209D
Ryujin Industries0017CF8D
Trade Authority0022E53D
United Colonies0005BD93
Xenofresh Corporation0022892D

In order to pay off a bounty, you can use the command player.paycrimegold 0 0 [ID]. ID being, for example, 00010B30 (or 10B30 shortened) without the brackets.

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Every Background ID in Starfield

Do you want to change your background with a cheat command? Welcome aboard!

Beast Hunter0022EC76
Bounty Hunter0022EC80
Combat Medic0022EC7E
Cyber Runner0022EC7D
Long Hauler0022EC75
Space Scoundrel0022EC6F

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You can type player.addperk [ID] to add or player.removeperk [ID] to remove a background, or use the showlooksmenu player 1 command to completely reset your character creation process. Please note that the [ID] would be, for example, 0022EC70 if you want to be a Soldier. Brackets are not needed.

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