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Complete Duality Dungeon Loot Table for Destiny 2

The last place I want to go is Calus's brainspace

by Daphne Fama

Every week we get a new dungeon, and the latest is one that all the Witch Queen Expansion owners will be happy to see: Duality! This dungeon, naturally released during the Season of the Haunted, has you and a fireteam of Guardians sent into the mindscape of Calus… which is chock-full of Nightmares. But is the loot worth traversing the Exiled Emperor’s broken and tormented consciousness? Here’s the complete Duality Dungeon Loot Table in Destiny 2.

Complete Duality Dungeon Loot Table for Destiny 2

Duality has three encounters, each of which will offer a specific pool of items. And Duality is completely farmable. Meaning the only thing stopping you from obtaining item in this loot table is time.

Encounter 1 | Nightmare of GahlranEncounter 2 | Unlock the VaultEncounter 3 | Nightmare of Caiatl
1 x Weapon OR Armor1 x Weapon OR Armor2 x Weapon OR Armor
Lingering Dread (Legendary Grenade Launcher)Stormchaser (Legendary Linear Fusion Rifle)New Purpose (Legendary Pulse Rifle)
The Epicurean (Legendary Fusion Rifle)Unforgiven (Legendary Submachine Gun)Fixed Odds (Legendary Machine Gun)
Deep Explorer Suit HeadDeep Explorer Suit ArmsHeartshadow (Exotic Sword)
Deep Explorer Suit ArmsDeep Explorer Suit ChestDeep Explorer Suit Arms
Deep Explorer Suit BootsDeep Explorer Suit Class ItemDeep Explorer Suit Chest
  Deep Explorer Suit Legs

Duality also has two secret chests, but these secret chests will only reward you items you’ve already earned. So, if you’ve bashed in Nightmare of Gahlran and found Lingering Dread, expect that Grenade Launcher in the next secret chest you find.

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And there is one item that’s not listed on the table, as it’s not associated with any of the encounters: Mandate of Strength. This exotic Ship can only be obtained by completing the triumph “Master Thoughtstealer”. This triumph requires you to beat Duality on Master-Level difficulty.

Good luck getting that lot!

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