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Complete Borderlands 3 Boss List

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been enjoying Borderlands 3, or you’ve just got some mates who are starting to crack into it, you might find it helpful to keep track of all the big bads that you’re plowing through. Whether or not its bosses that are part of the main quest, or bosses that are part of side quest missions that give you sick loot, here’s our complete Borderlands 3 boss list for your viewing pleasure.

Complete Borderlands 3 Boss List

We’ve arranged these bosses in alphabetical order for you and also noted if they drop a weapon. If you’re wanting some tips on how to pick up those special weapons, check out some of the links to our guides on those specifically too. 

  • Aurelia  — Frozen Heart shield
  • Borman Nates —  Psycho Stabber pistol
  • Baron Noggin —  EMP grenade
  • Captain Thunk and Sloth —  It’s Piss grenade and the Mongol Rocket Launcher
  • Chupacabratch —  Chupa’s Organ grenade
  • Crawly Family —  Predatory Lending SMG
  • Dinkeblot —  Loot-o-gram which can become a Legendary
  • El Dragon Jr  —  Unleash the Dragon artifact
  • Mouthpiece  — Mindkiller shotgun
  • GenIVIV  —  Messy Breakup shield
  • Gigamind  —  Smart Gun XXL SMG 
  • Handsome Jackie —  Iron Willed Nimble Jack shotgun
  • Heckle and Hyde —  Whizzy Pestilence pistol 
  • Hot Karl —  Sledge’s Shotgun shotgun
  • Judge Hightower —  Scorpio XL pistol
  • Katagawa Ball  —  Tsunami SMG
  • Killavolt — Shocking 9-Volt pistol
  • Manvark — Headsplosion sniper
  • Maxitrillion —  The Horizon shotgun
  • One Punch —  One-Pump Chump shotgun
  • Phoenix —  Phoenix Tears artifact 
  • Private Beans —  Westergun SMG
  • Psychobillies —  Electric Banjo artifact
  • Rakkman  —  Night Flyer pistol
  • Road Dog —  Double-Penetrating Redline shotgun 
  • Skrakk —  SkekSil pistol
  • Sky Bullies —  Shooting Star shield
  • Tarantella —  Hive rocket launcher
  • Urist McEnforcer —  Crossbow sniper
  • The Graveward —  Grave Artifact and Ward shield 
  • The Rampager  —  Quadomizer rocket launcher
  • The Unstoppable – Band of Sytorak shield
  • Troy Calypso  —  Double-Penetrating Occultist pistol 
  • Tyreen Calypso  —  King’s Call and Queen’s Call pistols
  • Warden —  Freeman rocket launcher
  • Wick and Worty —  Redundant Savvy Phebert shotgun

Now that you’ve got our complete Borderlands 3 boss list along with information about what loot you can get from them, it’s time to go hunting with you and the rest of your Vault Hunter buddies. Need a hand with anything else on Pandora? Check out these tips and tricks that we’ve put together:

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