Compass Rose God Roll in Destiny 2 Solstice 2023

Kill them with fire

Turn your compass to the skies, guardian, because this summer we’re celebrating the Solstice. And what better way to do that than with a Precision Frame shotgun that promises to turn your foes into Swiss cheese? Here’s the Compass Rose God Roll in Destiny 2.

Compass Rose God Roll in Destiny 2 Solstice 2023

It’s exceptionally rare to see a shotgun in PvE, and Compass Rose isn’t bucking that trend. While it’s fine against yellow bars, it’s best to turn its muzzle on your fellow Guardians in the Crucible. But that’s honestly for the best, as you’ll see some significant benefits from its Origin Trait Dream Work.

Dream Work ensures that Compass Rose will refill 66% of its magazine for assists or assisted kills. These assists can come from any source, from your primary weapon to your grenade. But beyond its Origin Trait, this is the build for Compass Rose in 2023:

  • Basic Barrel → Rifled Barrel. Range +10, Handling -15.
  • Basic Magazine → Assault Mag. Rounds per +5, Stability +15.

The best combinations for the final two columns are:

Quickdraw and Snapshot Sights. This was the combination of choice in PvP in 2022, and it remains an option in 2023. Quickdraw nullifies the handling debuff from Rifled Barrel, while also drawing the weapon quickly, as the name implies. Snapshot Sights allows you to aim down sight quickly, ensuring you’ll be able to get the round-the-corner and slide kills that shotgun connoisseurs love in Crucible.

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If you’re a fan of the Solar subclass, then Quickdraw and Incandescent are another very viable pairing. Incandescent spreads Scorch to enemies within eight meters (if playing PvP). Solar Warlocks with Sun Bracers can really take advantage of this combination, you’ll be able to take full advantage of Compass Rose’s fire typing and Incandescent for full ability and Scorch abuse.

If you prefer something a little more precise, check out the god roll for Solstice’s other weapon, Something New, here: Something New God Roll in Destiny 2 Solstice 2023.

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