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Code Vein Butterfly of Delirium Guide

by Ginny Woo

Code Vein is a must-play this Halloween season. With its special blend of vampires, gore, and an unapologetic anime aesthetic, it’s easy on the eyes and a nice pick-me-up for those who have been missing their Dark Souls fix. With that comparison out of the way, it almost goes without saying that some of these bosses are real tough. Check out our Code Vein Butterfly of Delirium guide to get the better of this charming opponent.

Code Vein Butterfly of Delirium Guide

The Butterfly of Delirium can be found near the Park Ruins, and she’s pretty damn lethal. We’re not only saying this because of the old “looks could kill” adage: being part reptile and part butterfly means that she’s both venomous and incredibly mobile. Those are potentially the best qualities you could hope for in a player build, but some of the worst ones in a boss. We’ll sum it up in a phrase: when her tail’s up, back the hell up. She has some killer moves that can be a huge inconvenience, but the good thing is that this insect is easily toppled so you’re going to want to generally be at a distance until you get an opening to do so. 

Here’s a couple of tips and tricks that we’d keep in mind when it comes to her telegraphed attacks:

  • She cocoons when you’re in melee range which creates poison so dodge when you see this
  • When she spreads her wings, she detonates poison in the air which should be avoided until the haze clears (this usually takes a few seconds)
  • Hit her hard and fast, you’ll know when to do so when she’s on her knees
  • When she puts her tail up she’s about to charge, so get ready to roll out of the way
  • Watch out for the poison clouds that she disperses when she moves
  • She’ll lean back before shooting out poison darts, and can also shoot out a guided toxic projectile
  • When she’s spreading smoke and not poison clouds, hit her with all you’ve got as this will only happen once she’s under the 75% HP threshold

If you keep those tips in mind, you should have no problem taking down the Code Vein Butterfly of Delirium boss. Need a hand with anything else related to this game? Check out our guide on the hidden trophies if you’re a completionist.

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