Civilization Beyond: Earth Affinities – Purity Explained

Level up your Purity Affinity to achieve the Promised Land Victory Quest.

It doesn’t take the shiniest spoon in the drawer to realize that the concept of Affinity in Civilization: Beyond Earth is loosely based on the Ideology mechanic from Civilization V: Brave New World. We must emphasize the term loosely, however, as Affinity plays a much larger role in Beyond Earth than Ideology did in its predecessor.

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Today, we’re going to focus our attention on the Purity Affinity, talking about ways you can level it up, what bonuses you’ll receive when you do and what the concept stands for in general.

What are the core values of the Purity Affinity?

Purity is about maintaining the unique values that helped make humanity such a powerhouse species in the past. It works very well for players who want to exterminate the Aliens, wipe out their nests and  clean up the Miasma. Their units are strong, able to succeed in combat without any friendly units on their flanks. Aggressive players will feel right at home with this Affinity, excelling at fast and brutal military strikes.

How can I level up the Purity Affinity?

Leveling up the Purity Infinity can be done three ways, two of which are within your control, and one that is slightly less predictable.

The first and most reliable way to level up your Affinity is through researching the Technology Web. If you look closely you’ll see the three Affinity symbols scattered all throughout the various branches and leaves. If you want to level up your Purity, look for the red symbol that indicates that a particular path of research will grant you a boost in that Affinity.

The second method to help players level up their chosen Affinity is through the Quests mechanic. These events will appear frequently throughout the game, prompting the player to complete a task or make a decision that can have great influence on their experience. Open up the Victory and Quests overview by clicking on the corresponding button in the bottom right hand corner, then look for an icon that shows all three Affinity symbols. Focus on completing these to help level up your choice of Purity, Supremacy or Harmony.

The final and significantly less reliable way to increase the level of your chosen Affinity is by sending out Explorers in search of Resource Pods. These work much the same way as Ruins in Civilization V: Brave New World, occasionally providing you with additional experience or even an entire Affinity level. It would be silly to bank on this as a dependable way to develop your Affinity, but since you probably have Explorers wandering around anyway, it would be equally as silly to not to investigate any Resource Pods they stumble upon.

How can I tell what level my Affinity is currently at?

Hover your mouse over one of the three Affinity symbols in the top left hand corner of the screen. This will tell you what level you’re at, what you need to progress and what bonuses each level provides.

What are the bonuses provided by the Purity Affinity?

  • Level 01 | Aliens will not attack Explorer Units
  • Level 03 | 20 percent increase in ranged strength against Aliens
  • Level 06 | +2 Orbital coverage in all cities
  • Level 08 | 4 free Floatstone resources
  • Level 11 | Covert Agents can perform the Dirty Bomb operation
  • Level 13 | Construct the Exodus Gate for the Promised Land Victory

How can I win the game using Purity?

Purity will allow players to complete the Exodus Gate in order to achieve the Promised Land Victory. The catch is that you must first reach level 13 with this particular Affinity before you’re eligible, and you need to meet all of the requirements that will be listed under the Victories and Quests tab in the bottom right hand corner.

How does Purity impact my military and combat units?

Back in the days of Brave New World, it was general knowledge that gave a civilization great military power. If you knew how to build Submarines before everyone else… game over. With Beyond Earth, however, it’s not just technology that determines military might, but also Affinity. You see, each Affinity comes with special units that unlock each time you level up, and those units can be configured exactly how you want them by choosing specific bonuses. Unfortunately, there are too many to list in this article, but why not check out the Official Civilization: Beyond Earth Strategy Guide below?

What else do I need to know about the Purity Affinity?

A lot.

Civilization is not a game that any one person will master without dropping hundreds of hours into it. To paint this picture clearly for you, we sank more than 300 hours into Brave New World, and were still learning the ins and outs of different concepts when we transitioned to Beyond Earth. You can expect the same type of learning curve with Purity, Supremacy and Harmony, however what we have given you here should be a solid foundation for you to build upon. 

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