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Checking Epic Services Queue in Fortnite Error Explained

Here we go again

by Lucas White

Update: According to Fortnite Status over on the ol’ Elon Musk dumpster fire, the errors currently impacting folks on January 10, 2023 have been resolved. If you’re still having an issue, feel free to keep reading for more information.

It seems like a lot of Fortnite players are having trouble logging in! When tons of players are trying to access a game like this all at once, internet congestion happens. It’s like traffic on a highway, or sewage clogging a series of tubes or something. Anyway, fans are getting stuck with a “Checking Epic Services Queue” message in Fortnite, which seems to be willing to sit there forever. Here’s what we know about this issue and if there’s any troubleshooting possible. Gee, this sure does sound familiar! Oh yeah, that’s why:

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It seems like on the player end, there’s really only one thing you can try. If you’re getting stuck on Checking Epic Services Queue in Fortnite your best bet is going to be relaunching the game. Again, it’s a traffic issue we’re dealing with here, so the best thing you can do is get back in line if you’ve fallen into an interdimensional void because you leaned on the barrier too hard. From there, you might be able to get in or you may run into the same issue. Rinse and repeat as long as you can tolerate it.

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On Epic’s side, there has been official acknowledgement that people are having problems. If you aren’t already, make sure to follow the Fortnite Status account on Twitter, which provides updates on issues like this as soon as they’re available. So yeah, it’s either a matter of tenacity or patience depending on what you’re willing to deal with to get some Fortnite rounds in on busy days.

Between Fortnite Status and your pals here at Prima Games, you’ll always know where to go when weird errors start to happen. It’s an endless cycle, so we’ll catch you next time!

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