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Captain Spirit – Where to Find All Heroes and Villains

by Larryn Bell

Although Captain Spirit may be capable of fighting bad guys on his own, some threats are just too much for one superhero to handle. In The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, there are a number of heroes and villains players can discover throughout the game. While Mantroid has been recruiting supervillains to do his bidding, Captain Spirit has been assembling his own team of brave superheroes to push back against the forces of evil. We’ll explain where to find every hero and villain in Captain Spirit, including his archnemesis, Mantroid. 

In Chris’s room, there is a drawing on his desk labeled as Mantroid’s Team that shows images of both Captain Spirit’s superhero squad as well as Mantroid’s team of supervillains. This image also appears in Captain Spirit’s checklist of Awesome Things to Do, which means each hero and villain can be found somewhere in or around Chris’s house. 

Captain Spirit Hero and Villain Locations

Below, we’ve sorted out a pair of lists detailing where to find all the heroes and villains in Captain Spirit so that you can assemble Captain Spirit’s team of superheroes and defeat the villainous foes that stand in between you and Mantroid.

Superhero Locations

  • Power Bear – Laying on the floor of your bedroom with Noctarious left of the desk. 
  • Forest Warrior – On the small table between your bed and TV stand.
  • Sky Pirate – In the treehouse outside.
  • Ice Queen – Also in the treehouse.
  • Dinosaur Toy – Found on the living room floor.
  • Captain Spirit – Last but not least, Captain Spirit is you, of course. Make sure to equip your full costume to unleash your true superhero potential. 

Supervillain Locations

  • Noctarious – Play with both Noctarious and Power Bear on the floor of your bedroom by the desk.
  • The Shark-Stinger – Also on the floor of your bedroom, in front of the television.
  • Snowmancer – This villain is the snowman outside in the backyard. Here’s how to defeat Snowmancer.
  • Water Eater – Behind the closed door in the laundry room by the kitchen.
  • Noctared – Found in the treehouse outside.
  • Mantroid – Captain Spirit’s archnemesis is far, far away. You’ll need to grab dad’s car keys and use the ‘SpiritMobile’ outside to reach Mantroid.

Now that you know where to find each hero and villain in Captain Spirit, you should be able to mark off another task on your to-do list. For more checklist activities in Captain Spirit, check out our guides on how to unlock dad’s cell phone and how to decode the map to the Maze of Doom.

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