Captain Spirit has all sorts of activities to enjoy in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, which are mostly shaped by Chris’s active imagination. One such task requires Captain Spirit to try to tame the vicious Water Eater that lurks in a side room of the house. This task is pretty easy, but we’ll show you what to do anyway just in case you need a nudge in the right direction.

How to Tame the Water Eater in Captain Spirit

In order to tame the Water Eater in Captain Spirit, you’ll have to find it first. Start by making your way to the kitchen. The Water Eater is found behind the closed door inside the laundry room, which is in the back corner of the kitchen beside the blocked door where you can find the garage key.

Flip the light switch on the wall to turn on the laundry room light. Then, interact with the dark door in the laundry room and hold down the button for your superhero ability to open it (‘A’ on Xbox, ‘X’ on PS4, or ‘E’ on PC). 

A cutscene will play out as you enter the room and approach the Water Eater. Use your superhero ability and follow the prompts on the screen to tame the Water Eater in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. Afterward, you will have marked off another task on Captain Spirit’s checklist of Awesome Things to Do.

The Water Eater may not have been the most difficult of Captain Spirit’s foes, but there are some that require a few more steps to defeat, such as the cold-hearted Snowmancer. Make sure you know where to find all of the heroes and villains in Captain Spirit so that Chris can complete every task on his list.