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Captain Spirit – How to Stop the Beer Cans

by Larryn Bell

On the to-do list that Captain Spirit has made for himself in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, there is a task that involves trying to stop the beer cans from taking over. For this task, Captain Spirit turns boring housework into fun target practice in just a few steps. Follow the guide below to find out how to stop the beer cans and mark off another item on Captain Spirit’s list of objectives.

How to Stop the Beer Cans in Captain Spirit

Dad’s beer cans are starting to clutter up the kitchen, and Chris takes notice. It’s up to Captain Spirit to stop the beer cans before they begin to take over. First, start by collecting the beer cans off the kitchen counter and placing them into the recycling bin on the floor. The bin is quite full, so it’s time to take it outside.

Interact with the recycling bin and select the Take Out option to have Captain Spirit put the bin out onto the porch. Now, go to the door and exit the house, then interact with the recycling bin once more and select the Set Up Range prompt.

After Captain Spirit finishes setting up the beer can range on the porch, it’s time for a bit of target practice. Aim the dotted line so that the bottom triangle is over the stack of beer cans, then throw a snowball to knock them out. Continue lobbing snowballs until all the cans are knocked down.

That’s it! Completing this activity will checkmark the beer can objective on Captain Spirit’s checklist of Awesome Things to Do. To mark off other tasks on his to-do list, visit our guides on where to find all heroes and villains in Captain Spirit as well as how to decode the map and navigate the Maze of Doom in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.

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