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Captain Spirit – How to Defeat the Snowmancer

by Larryn Bell

In The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, one of the tasks on Captain Spirit’s checklist is to defeat the Snowmancer in the backyard. Before you can eliminate this frozen foe, Captain Spirit will need to gather a few items first. Follow the steps in this guide to defeat the Snowmancer and mark off another awesome thing to do from Captain Spirit’s hand-drawn checklist.

How to Defeat the Snowmancer

If you haven’t noticed by now, the Snowmancer is the dilapidated snowman sitting outside in the backyard. This is not just any snowman, however. Captain Spirit must defeat the Snowmancer before moving on to battle the ultimate villain, Mantroid. 

Access the Garage

To defeat the Snowmancer, you need to find some firecrackers, which are found in the garage outside. Start by grabbing the garage key, which is next to the blocked door in the kitchen.

Go outside to the garage, and open the door using the garage key. The garage is also where you find the paint to finish off Captain Spirit’s costume

Unlock the Combination Lock

You’ll need to access the locker next to the paint shelf, but it is locked with a combination lock. The code to the combination lock is 2005, the year that Chris’s dad won the basketball championship. You can figure this out by perusing the items on the bookshelf in the living room.

Interact with the combination lock and rotate the dials to input the numbers 2005 to unlock the locker. Inside the locker, take the firecracker sitting on the top shelf. 

Captain Spirit Combination Lock Code

Rebuild and Defeat the Snowmancer

Go back outside and find the snowman in the backyard, just before the treehouse. If you haven’t done so already, select the button prompt to rebuild the snowman and restore Snowmancer to his former glory. Now, interact with the snowman once more by holding the action button to add the firecracker and blow the Snowmancer’s head to smithereens!

After Captain Spirit thwarts the evil Snowmancer, the task will be completed. To mark off some of the other tasks on Captain Spirit’s to-do list, make sure you know how to navigate the Maze of Doom, as well as how to unlock dad’s cell phone to play Mustard Party 2

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