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Captain Spirit – All Costume Part Locations

by Larryn Bell

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit’s main protagonist’s superhero alter-ego wouldn’t quite be complete without a full superhero costume. In this guide, we’ll explain where to find all of the different components and pieces of Captain Spirit’s costume to complete Chris’s superhero transformation. 

Captain Spirit Costume Locations

There are several different elements to Captain Spirit’s costume, and its up to the player to determine whether they want Captain Spirit to adorn a colorful costume or wear something more dark and brooding. Your choices during the opening scene will impact Captain Spirit’s overall color pattern and costume style. The list below explains where to find each component of the Captain Spirit costume so that Chris can put on the full superhero getup in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.

Captain Spirit Costume

To put together Captain Spirit’s costume, you will need to find the costume parts you chose during the game’s introduction. You can choose between having a mask or helmet, light armor or heavy armor, and a dark design or colorful design. No matter what you chose, Captain Spirit always has a cape and will finish off the outfit with a coat of spray paint.

  1. Cape – Find Captain Spirit’s cape hanging in Chris’s bedroom closet.
  2. Helmet – Search the kitchen pantry for chocolate bars and tinfoil for Captain Spirit’s helmet.
  3. Mask – Use the Halloween makeup found on the bathroom shelf for Captain Spirit’s face mask.
  4. Light Armor – Make light armor out of the tape in your dad’s gym bag in his bedroom closet.
  5. Heavy Armor – Use the beer cardboard found in the back of the pickup truck (SpiritMobile) outside the garage to make Captain Spirit’s heavy armor. 
  6. Paint – Grab the garage key and unlock the garage outside to find the spray paint on the shelf.

Once you have equipped all the elements of Captain Spirit’s superhero costume, use one of the spray paint cans in the garage to put the finishing touches on your costume. This will complete Captain Spirit’s costume and mark off the costume task on Captain Spirit’s checklist of awesome things to do. 

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