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Candy From A Baby Destiny 2 Guide: Truth Exotic Weapon

by Ginny Woo

If you’re still chasing after Exotic weapons in the lead up to Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, then maybe the end is almost in sight! We’ve had our Pinnacle weapons list up for quite some time now, so we definitely won’t be surprised if you’ve been ticking them off as you go. However, some weapons are easier to get than others. Check out our Candy From a Baby Destiny 2 guide to complete the last leg of getting the Truth Exotic rocket launcher.

Candy From A Baby Destiny 2 Guide: Truth Exotic Weapon

In order to actually get to the part of the Truth questline when you’re having to complete Candy From A Baby, you have to plow through the initial bits of the chain of tasks first, including:

  • Finishing patrol missions in the Dreaming City
  • Killing Hive on the Tangled Shore
  • Finishing Nightfall strikes with a power handicap
  • Killing enemies with rocket launchers
  • Killing enemies with rocket launchers while Ascendant on Nexus

Now, to complete Candy From a Baby, you’re going to have to be inside the Warden of Nothing strike. You’ll want to have some Queensfoil Tincture handy with you as well, and your mission should you choose to accept it will be to find seven different Fallen artefacts while inside the Warden of Nothing strike. We have a list of all of them here and their approximate locations within the strike:

  • When you kill the Minotaur at the start of the strike, look to some boxes
  • Once you’ve dropped down the hole, look to the pikes
  • In the room with parallel trams, hop onto the pile of railings and you’ll see an artefact on the far well
  • Head back down into another tunnel with pikes and look for some gas canisters
  • When exiting the room with the trams, keep an eye out for orange pipes
  • After taking down the supersized Minotaur and his allies, look to the barrier and the room’s exit
  • Take care of the explosives by the Scorch Cannon area
  • Defuse the B mine and look for some boxes

Once you’ve scooped them all up, move forward to face the boss but use your Tincture and head to where it spawned to find a series of Ascendant platforms. Follow them down and you’ll find a chest with Truth inside it. Voila! Our Candy From a Baby Destiny 2 guide has officially done its job and given you what you need to track down this Exotic rocket launcher. Got other questions about weapons, like getting the Threat Level shotgun? We’ve got tips for that too.

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