Can You Turn Off Kameo Fighters In Mortal Kombat 1?

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It seems that every new Mortal Kombat game needs to come with a unique hook to keep players interested, and the Kameo fighter system has been brought to the table this time around. While they are a welcomed addition, giving players the chance to customize their fighting style even further with the help of classic Kharacters, old-heads like me have been wondering if Kameo fighters are a necessity to bring to the battlefield, or if there is an option to remove these kombatants to let players take each other head-on.

Can You Fight Without A Kameo In Mortal Kombat 1? – Answered

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No matter the mode that you choose, be it Story Mode, Invasion, or anything in between, the Kameo fighters are here to stay. While this may sound obnoxious, there is a simple workaround if you’re hoping to keep the kombat feeling as old-school as possible: avoid pressing the R1/RB button.

Kameo fighters are only brought onto the field by the press of a button, so not using it will let players keep the kombat feeling natural without the extra boost given to them by their selected Kameo fighter. While it may be slightly annoying that you cannot remove these fighters, once you get used to how they work, they feel like an excellent addition to the franchise to keep things fresh.

So, while there may no no specific mode or option to turn off Kameo fighters, the ability to summon them onto the field at our own whim will be the only way to avoid using Kameos during a battle. With the combat system feeling fresher than ever, however, we implore you to at least give them a try before dismissing them.

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