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Can You Still Get a Thousand Wings in Destiny 2? – Answered

A Thousand Wings and no way home

by Daphne Fama

If you’ve spent some time in Destiny 2 forums, you’ve likely heard people flexing A Thousand Wings as their best ship. And A Thousand Wings is indeed a gorgeous ship. But can you still get A Thousand Wings in Destiny 2?

Can You Still Get a Thousand Wings in Destiny 2? – Answered

Destiny 2 has seen many fluctuations throughout its release. It’s a game that, for many years, was defined by dozens of guns, ships, and shaders that could only be obtained for a limited time before being vaulted forever. And while sunsetting has been done for weapons, certain things are still unobtainable.

And that goes for A Thousand Wings, too. Yes, the gorgeous black Exotic ship you might see your friend, Blueberry, or random internet poster flex is no longer obtainable in Destiny 2.

But is it possible it will come back? Maybe.

For those not in the know, A Thousand Wings is an Exotic Jumpship that could only be acquired by completing the secret Exotic Mission, The Whisper. Not only did you have to complete this mission, you had to do it on Heroic difficulty, find five hidden chests, and then beat all three elemental singe versions of the Heroic Mission variant.

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None of this is possible now because Io is no longer accessible. But Io is only inaccessible because it’s within The Witnesses’s field of influence. The Witness has essentially made it so that Io is there… but not. Its gravitational pull effects nearby bodies, and yet we can’t interact with it. Such is the power of a primordial being of death and nonexistence, I suppose.

But with The Final Shape slowly coming down the ramp, it’s likely that we will defeat The Witness and that Io, and the rest of the planets that have been taken, will reappear. That does open up the possibility that old Exotic missions, like The Whisper, will return.

Sadly, that might not be the answer you want to hear. But one way to take out your aggression is to farm Barrier Champions and get a shiny new 7 by your nameplate: Best Places to Farm Barrier Champions in Destiny 2.

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