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Can You Stack Double XP in Modern Warfare?

by Lucas White

The Call of Duty games, despite being action-packed shooters, have embraced RPG elements over the years. Especially with the seasonal Battle Pass elements, there’s a ton of XP grinding involved if you’re playing Call of Duty games long-term. And with both Modern Warfare and Warzone existing parallel to each other, and Black Ops Cold War on the way, there’s a lot of content to grind through. Sometimes, the developers run Double XP events, to help give players with less free time a boost. You can also earn tokens to bump that rate up. But… can you do both?

Can Modern Warfare Double XP Stack?

Making use of Double XP Tokens is a pretty big deal in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Warzone, so on and so forth. You often earn these Tokens through event challenges, clearing Battle Pass tiers, and other means. But it seems like, due to recent glitches allowing players to farm Tokens, and the usual double XP weekend events, folks are wondering if those can stack. Unfortunately, readers, you won’t like the answer.

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Double XP tokens do not stack with Double XP events, meaning you won’t ever be quadrupling your XP bonuses during those aforementioned special events. Because those Tokens can last anywhere from a half hour to a couple hours, you may want to make sure nothing that just gives you Double XP for free is coming up before you spend any of your own resources.

Really, if you’re a long-term Modern Warfare or Warzone player who hops on regularly and aims to fill out every new Battle Pass, your best practice is to stay dialed in to communications from Activision or the relevant developers, usually via Twitter. That way you’ll be able to know when to expect events, XP boosts, playlist rotations, glitches, fixes, and anything else that might come up in the Call of Duty world.

It’s also important to keep in mind that while you can’t stack Double XP, the game will still allow you to consume them. There is an in-game warning, but you still want to be careful and make sure you’re paying attention. These Tokens can be hard to come by, and accidentally losing one can feel like a big setback.

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