Can You See the MVP Star Count on the Scoreboard in CS2 Competitive Matchmaking? – Answered

Are you "da real MVP"?

Can You See the MVP Star Count on the Scoreboard in CS2 Competitive Matchmaking
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CS2 is finally out and includes some changes that may be catching some people off-guard. When it comes to the scoreboard in CS2, many things have changed since the CS:GO era. One of the missing things is the MVP Star count that was visible at the right edge of the scoreboard. This article will explain if you can see the MVP Star count on the scoreboard in CS2 Competitive and Premier matches.

How to See the MVP Star Count in Competitive and Premier CS2 Matches

Unfortunately, viewing the MVP Star Count during a Competitive or Premier CS2 match is impossible as of now. Valve removed this feature during the CS2 Beta and it has not returned to the game’s full release. The reasons for this are unknown, but this was probably implemented to reduce toxicity from shaming teammates for their lousy performance. Everyone can have a bad match once in a while.

You may have also noticed that the scoreboard default sorting is based on the player damage done to enemies during the match and not by kills. In the last days of CSGO’s Premier mode, you couldn’t even see the death count, which implies that there have been some thoughts about trying to remove reasons for players to be toxic to each other.

However, there is an alternate way to see how many MVP stars each player has earned after a match by going to your replay/demo section in the main menu and clicking each player’s name. It might not even matter to most players after the match, but it is what it is.

Will CS2 Show MVP Stars During the Match in the Future?

Given the few complaints about this feature in the community, chances are slim that this change will be made. It is strange, given that MVP stars have definitely impacted your rating in CSGO, and your chances of rising in the ranks were severely bolstered if you kept getting many MVP stars throughout your matches.

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