Can You Save Shinjiro in Persona 3 Reload? – Answered (P3R)

Will he still be around?

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If you played any of the previous Persona 3 versions, you know exactly what happens in the game’s story when you get to October. Persona 3 Portable was the first to introduce a different alternative to the shocking events regarding Shinjiro, but can you do it again in Reload?

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Can Shinjiro Survive in Persona 3 Reload?

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to save Shinjiro in Persona 3 Reload. During the main story, Shinjiro sacrifices himself to protect Ken during the night of October 4th, just like in the original game. And there’s nothing you can do except witness his death while being powerless to do anything.

Lore-wise, this would have eventually happened anyway, as we had confirmation from his own words. He knew he didn’t have much more time left due to the suppressants he had been taking, so he didn’t think twice before putting his life on the line for others. This is reflected in his berserk-like gameplay and Theurgy, where he’s ready to bleed if it means bringing the enemy down with him.

While he has a whole Linked Episode (hangout event) storyline on him reenrolling into Gekkoukan High, fatality strikes him down before he has a chance to do so. But if you complete all of his hangouts during September and visit his room at the dorm after 10/7, you can retrieve his equipped items and receive the Incomplete Form key item, which allows you to fuse Hell Biker. His legacy lives on, in a way.

In Persona 3 Portable, it was possible to save Shinjiro by completing his Social Link and finding his pocket clock. This was exclusive to the Female Protagonist, so the original male route could never save him. If you happened to keep him alive, he would be hospitalized during the rest of the game, and events would’ve rolled out the same.

While it’s frustrating to lose a comrade in this way, his death ends up being way more important to the overall story and game themes, so it might be for the best that we cannot save him. Ken and Akihiko’s resolutions wouldn’t have hit the same way if he’s still alive. It would be a different story if this meant largely changing the plot, but it might be better off left alone since it isn’t the case.

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