Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is an absolute blast to play. The more you play, the hungrier you get for a victory.

While each round offers different gameplay from avoiding slime to getting eggs into your team’s basket, one overarching question gamers have is whether you can run in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. 

Can You Run in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout? 

The quick answer to the question of whether you can run in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is no, you can’t. All of the cute little beans in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout move along at the same speed, you can’t press a button and run faster. 

That said, there are things you can do to give yourself a bit of a boost. It all depends on the round.

If you’re playing Egg Scramble, running isn’t as important as knowing how to toss your eggs over to your basket. It can help you save time going back and forth and potentially losing a golden egg to a rival.

If you’re playing Tail Tag you can hide and avoid some of the chaos, and you can dive as the clock counts down if you have people closing in on you trying to get your tail. To dive, all you need to do is press Square on PS4 or Control on PC.

You can also jump and grip things which can serve you well when it comes to finding creative shortcuts, and jumping in general can often be a great way to give your little bean a boost in general.

Of course, you won’t want to jump and take too many risks during rounds like Slime Climb. Sometimes slow and steady really does win the race.

Again, you can’t run or sprint in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, all players move around at the same speed. To gain an advantage and set yourself apart from the crowd, you’ll want to master moves like jumping, diving, grabbing, and tossing. 

Using these techniques all depends on the round you’re playing, like tossing during Egg Scramble or diving during Tail Tag.

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