Can You Repair Tools and Weapons in LEGO Fortnite? Answered

Can you fix your gear, return to the world, and continue your LEGO journey?

LEGO Fortnite repair tools and weapons
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Throughout your LEGO Fortnite playthrough, you’ll craft many weapons and pick up dozens, if not hundreds, of tools from enemies that consume inventory space unless you drop them. Let’s talk about whether you can repair or merge tools and weapons.

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Can You Repair Tools and Weapons in LEGO Fortnite?

No, you can’t repair your tools and weapon durability in LEGO Fortnite. While several weapon and tool options are available, and numerous machines help you create new crafting materials, none act as tool repair or merging stations. If your tools or weapons are low on durability, you’ll have to craft another to replace it.

During the game’s launch, a bug existed where you could place items in chests to restore their durability, allowing you to infinitely repair them without using a crafting bench or other workstation. However, this bug no longer works, eliminating the only way to fix weapons and tools. Fortunately, you can still use chests to store your gear and items to free inventory space.

Not all hope is lost, though. As LEGO Fortnite receives more updates, methods of repairing your gear may appear, allowing you to fix your equipment after building a particular machine or workbench. However, no such method exists as of writing this.

Until then, your main options are to use your tools until they break before swapping them out or drop them when they’re low durability to free up inventory space. You can also keep your stronger ones in a chest if weapon and tool repair machines are added.

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees these will appear in the game, so don’t hold your breath on building one anytime soon.

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