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Can You Play Valheim as a Singleplayer?

by Morgan Shaver

Following the release of Valheim, gamers have found themselves wondering whether singleplayer is supported as the game touts itself as an online co-op PVE. In Valheim, co-op of 2-10 players is supported, and Valheim can be a great way to spend time with your friends from a pandemic-safe distance. 

However, you may not always have friends available to play with you, or you may prefer to play games where you’re able to work alone. In those instances, knowing what the singleplayer situation is like in Valheim can be key to making an informed purchasing decision. 

Can You Play Valheim as a Singleplayer?

The quick answer to the question of whether Valheim can be played as a singleplayer is yes, it can! While the game supports co-op from 2 to 10 players, you aren’t forced to bring another person with you in order to play. Solo play is supported

However, it’s worth noting that singleplayer can potentially be more challenging. You won’t be able to call upon a friend for help or trade supplies in a pinch.

As a co-op, you and your crew can cover more ground and get more done working together than you can if you play the game as a singleplayer. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth playing the game this way, though.

There’s still a lot to see, do, and explore in Valheim as a singleplayer. In some ways, exploring can be better when you’re on your own as you’re the only one making decisions on how to progress. 

That freedom can go a long way towards your overall enjoyment of the game. And if you’re wondering what you’re missing in terms of co-op, you can always join a friend’s world and vice versa.  

Diving into the game as a singleplayer can even help you once you decide to play the game with friends in co-op more often. You’ll already be comfortable with how the game plays, and you’ll have some knowledge of best practices and approaches to various situations, predicaments, and scenarios. 

So, to summarize, yes you can play Valheim as a singleplayer. It’s fun and rewarding in its own unique, individual way. You can also play Valheim in co-op with 2-10 players supported. The game gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to how you approach it, and we have to say, it’s absolutely wonderful in both singleplayer and multiplayer. 

Valheim is available in Early Access right now on Steam and can be purchased for $19.99 (USD).

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