Can You Play Palworld with a Keyboard and Mouse on Xbox Series X|S?

Can you use this control method on Xbox?

With Palworld seeing a console release on the Xbox family of systems, it’s quick and easy to jump into the game while playing with a controller. However, can you bust out a keyboard and mouse to play on your favorite console?

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Does Palworld Support Keyboard and Mouse on Xbox Series X|S?

If you enjoy the idea of playing with a keyboard and mouse while exploring Palworld on your Xbox, you’ll be very glad to know that there is support for this particular control method available right out of the box. There are a few small issues that I ran into personally, with the menu sometimes only working with a controller rather than my preferred keyboard and mouse. Otherwise, every function in the game can be performed without much issue on your Xbox console.

You won’t need to worry about learning all the controls without seeing what is on the screen, as all the buttons will switch to their corresponding keyboard key. This makes the learning curve less substantial and helps players acclimate to their new environment. Alongside the saves transferring between Xbox and PC Game Pass, it’s just nice to have the option to ensure that all players can enjoy their time in Palworld without any issues.

Beyond that menu glitch, my time exploring the massive world before me with a keyboard and mouse has been rather great, especially since I can swap between keyboard & mouse or controller at a whim, as long as they’re all powered on and working in sync with one another. Swapping between the two is my method of play, whether I’m jumping in on my PC or my Xbox.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our Palworld section below to learn more about this exciting crafting/survival game, and see what humourous Pal is the 69th entry in the Paldeck.


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