Can you Play Fall Guys on Mac? – Answered

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Fall Guys seems to have resurged in popularity recently (ever since it came to Epic Games and switched to a free-to-play business model) and this once again raises the important question in the Mac community of whether it is playable on macOS. Well, the answer is both yes and no. Read more to find out.

Are Fall Guys Available on Mac? – Explained

Technically speaking, it is not available to play on macOS, but there is a nice little workaround that you can perform in order to play Fall Guys on Mac. Until the developers decide to make the game officially available on Mac, you need to build your own Virtual Machine that works on Windows, within your Mac, called Boot Camp.

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Now, that seems very convoluted and complicated, especially to someone who is inexperienced with such matters, but we will try to be as thorough as possible with the explanation of the below steps:

  1. Get the ISO image file from Microsoft’s website (it’s free). Make sure to check if your Mac is 32bit or 64bit.
  2. Take a USB stick drive with at least 8 GB of memory and make sure that it’s cleared. It’s best that you format it.
  3. Turn on the Boot Camp Assistant through Finder -> Applications -> Utilities and from the ISO Image option, find the location of the downloaded Windows 10 image, and make sure to select your USB stick drive during this process.
    This should move the image file to the USB stick drive for the purposes of the installation of the Windows (similar to what you would be doing when you intend to install Windows on a fresh PC). If the USB stick drive reports an error, make sure that it’s formatted as a bootable USB drive (there are free tools that make this happen, we can’t really advertise them, though).
  4. Now, it’s time to decide on the size of the Windows partition that you want to dedicate to it your disk drive within the Mac. To be safe, make it 30 GB by sliding the bar.
  5. Some downloads will be conducted automatically, and your Mac will attempt to reboot into Windows installation. Today’s Windows installation is very simple and involves a lot of “Next” button clicking.
  6. As soon as Windows is installed and updated you will be in the position to install Steam, and then, subsequently, Fall Guys.

Note that for now, you can only install Boot Camp on Intel-based Macs. So if you have an M-chip machine, you’re out of luck until Apple makes it so they can run the Virtual Machine.

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