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Can You Play Druid in Diablo 4 Open Beta? – Answered

Druid power is the best power

by Patrick Souza

Druids are one of Diablo’s most popular classes since their introduction in Diablo II. And with all of the cool new stuff that was added to Diablo IV, long-time veterans are looking forward to seeing how their go-to class is standing against this new environment in the initial Beta Tests for the game.

The class was not available during the game’s first Closed Beta, but will this be different when the game is finally open for everyone to test during the following weekend? Time to find that out.

Is Druid Available in Diablo IV Open Beta? – Answered

Luckily for the lovers of the druidic arts, Druids will be available for creation during the Open Beta period for Diablo IV. The initial testing only allowed players to create either Barbarians, Rogues, or Sorceress, but Druid and Necromancer, the other previously missing classes, will now be joining the fray.

As a direct quote from Blizzard’s Open Beta page, we have an official confirmation for their playability:

During the Early Access weekend, players will have access to three classes. Assume the role of the battle-bred Barbarian, nimble Rogue, or elementally tuned Sorcerer. Once the Open Beta weekend comes around, the earthen Druid and undead-wielding Necromancer classes can also be played in addition to the original three.

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Diablo has always encouraged players to create various characters to enjoy the game in various different ways while keeping it fresh, and it seems that IV will be no different in this regard. You can make up to 10 different characters to find out how you prefer to slay those filthy creatures leaking out from hell.

If you pre-ordered the game and had the chance to explore the Fractured Peaks the last weekend, all of your previous characters will still be there. If none of them were your cup of tea, the unorthodox powers of Druids might be just what you were looking for.

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