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Can you Change your FOV in Meet Your Maker? – Answered

Well, will you look at that view.

by Jesse Vitelli

Meet Your Maker is a multiplayer base building and infiltrating asymmetrical multiplayer experience. Developed by Behaviour Interactive, the team behind Dead by Daylight, players are hopping in to put their crafting and raiding skills to the test. As with most first-person shooters, being able to change your field of view is essential. Can you change your FOV in Meet Your Maker? We have the answer for you below. Check it out.

Can you Change your FOV in Meet Your Maker? – Answered

On the console, you are not able to change your FOV. If you go into the settings and go to the “Video” tab, all you will find are three options. You can adjust the brightness, turn on or off Motion Blur, or choose to favor performance or resolution if you’re playing on a next-gen console. However, increasing or decreasing your field of view is impossible at this time.

On PC, you’re able to change your FOV all the way to 110 to help support wide-screen and ultrawide displays. So if you’re playing on PC and want to crank the FOV up, you can in the “Video” tab of the settings menu.

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There’s a possibility that next-gen consoles will receive a FOV slider in the future, but at launch, there is no option for it. Meet Your Maker just launched, and the team has plenty of content coming down the pipeline. So we will see where the FOV slider debacle lands in time.

That’s everything you need to know about if you can change the field of view in Meet Your Maker. For other tips and tricks for Meet Your Maker, be sure to stay right here at Prima Games. Here are the minimum and recommended PC requirements for the game.

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