Can You Change Difficulty in Remnant 2? – Answered

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Remnant 2 is a soulslike, which means it’s designed to be difficult. You’re asking to yell at your screen claiming that the game somehow screwed you over, even though you know deep down that you mistimed your dodge or didn’t go in with properly leveled gear. Sometimes though, the difficulty you choose can prove to be too easy or too excruciatingly painful. With no clear way to change the difficulty, you might be confused as to if there’s a way at all. Here’s whether you can change the difficulty in Remnant 2.

Is it Possible to Change Difficulty in Remnant 2?

I have some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is that yes, you can change your difficulty in Remnant 2. The bad news is that this comes with a massive caveat. When changing the difficulty, you have to reroll the campaign, meaning you’ll be restarting from when you first get sucked into the Worldstone near the start of the game. This means that if you’re already a dozen hours in, you may have to restart a lot of that content if you want things to be more or less challenging. The content on offer will likely be much different though, seeing as you’re rerolling the campaign and not simply restarting it.

How to Change Difficulty in Remnant 2

While most of you likely clicked off at this point, some of you might still want to go through with it. For that, I applaud you, as it certainly wasn’t something I was into doing in my first playthrough. As for how you can do it though, you’ll want to head to the Worldstone and select the bottom option, which displays your difficulty and whether you’re playing on Hardcore or not. From there, select the Reroll Campaign button and choose your difficulty. Once done, you’ll be in a new zone and starting from the first of the handful of worlds. Good luck!

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