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Can You Cancel Matchmaking In Destruction AllStars?

by Morgan Shaver

Destruction AllStars has been gaining a fair amount of traction on PlayStation 5 after its release, and the fact that it was included in the February 2021 lineup for PlayStation Plus.

As more and more players jump in and give Destruction AllStars a try, the more you see questions pop up pertaining to how various aspects of the game work. 

One thing that’s not immediately made clear is whether you can cancel online matchmaking once you start the matchmaking process in Destruction AllStars. And, if you can, there are questions about what button you need to press.

To help, here’s a quick overview of matchmaking in Destruction AllStars!

Can You Cancel Matchmaking In Destruction AllStars? 

The quick answer to the question of whether you can cancel online matchmaking in Destruction AllStars is yes, you can.

To cancel matchmaking, all you need to do is press the right thumbstick (R3) and hold until you get a notification that you’re abandoning the matchmaking process

Once this is complete, you’ll be taken back to Game Mode selection and can begin matchmaking again by selecting either the same mode, or a different mode. Alternatively, you could also return to the Main Menu and wait there until you’re ready to move over to Game Mode selection. 

Even if you think you won’t need to cancel matchmaking, knowing how to do so can be incredibly useful, especially when playing with friends online. Let’s say a friend has to step away for a moment to answer the door or a phone call, but you’ve already begun matchmaking. 

By pressing and holding (R3) you can stop matchmaking and then restart again by selecting the game mode you want to play once your friend returns. As a whole, online games will almost always have a way for you to back out of a match for a certain amount of time before the match begins.

Destruction AllStars is simply less clear in how this process works as pressing Circle, Square, or anything else on your controller won’t do anything once matchmaking begins. Only pressing and holding (R3) will enable you to cancel matchmaking. 

To add a bit more information to the matchmaking setup in Destruction AllStars, the matchmaking region will be set for you automatically when you install and begin playing Destruction AllStars. 

How To Change Matchmaking Region

If you’re consistently having matchmaking issues either getting into a match, it’s worth taking a moment to double check what region your matchmaking is set to.

To do this, navigate over to the Main Menu, select Options, then select Gameplay. Locate the Matchmaking option, then change the region to the one you’d prefer. You can select either Europe, Japan, or US Central. 

Hopefully this helps clear up some of your questions when it comes to cancelling matchmaking in Destruction AllStars! 

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