Can You Beat Hadern in the Mortal Shell Beta?

The boss in Mortal Shell’s tutorial is hard, but not unbeatable.

Before digging into Mortal Shell, you’ll first need to run through the game’s opening tutorial. In addition to introducing you to the main character and showing you how to harden, you’ll also get to fight your first boss.

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It’s not uncommon to hear of people losing to this boss, but what about winning? Let’s take a closer look at whether you’re able to beat Hadern in the Mortal Shell beta.

Can You Beat Hadern in the Mortal Shell Beta?

The quick answer to the question of whether you can beat Hadern in the Mortal Shell beta is yes, you can. The opening tutorial has a number of secrets to it from being able to find an additional Mortal Token, to being able to actually beat Hadern.

If you fail to beat Hadern, you’ll continue into the cutscene that leads into the first area of the game, Falgrim. If you beat Hadern, you get a special reward and the bragging rights to be able to say you beat the first boss in the Mortal Shell beta.

So, how do you beat Hadern? The first thing you need to remember to make use of is your ability to dodge. For example, you can harden mid-attack and when Hadern strikes you and breaks your harden, you can quickly dodge out of the way to avoid Hadern’s follow-up attack.

Hadern’s attacks can be quick, so you’ll need to be quick when dodging as well. While dodging, keep an eye on your ability to harden at the bottom left corner of your screen. When the circle fills all the way up, you’ll be able to harden again. 

If you try to harden too soon after your last harden and your meter has yet to fill all the way, you won’t be able to harden giving the boss room to deal damage to you. Another thing to keep an eye on is your stamina represented by the green bar underneath your health at the bottom left corner of the screen. 

If you run out of stamina, you won’t be able to dodge properly, again resulting in the boss being able to deal damage to you. If you took the time to explore all areas of the tutorial’s map, you’ll have an extra Mortal Token on hand which you can use to regenerate some of your health.

Mortal Token: Next damage taken while hardened is converted to health.

To use this item, make sure you’re as far away from Hadern as possible. Also make sure you have the ability to harden should Hadern reach you before you’re done using the item. Try and be patient as you continue to whittle away at Hadern’s health.

Don’t get greedy, Mortal Shell isn’t a game where you can button mash. Instead, strategize each move during your fight against Hadern. During our fight with Hadern, it doesn’t seem like there’s a time limit to the fight, meaning that if you need to play it slow and steady in order to figure out the best approach, you can absolutely do so. 

Additionally, there are a few helpful videos on YouTube that’ll show you what Hadern’s attack patterns look like.


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What do you get when you beat Hadern? Well, you get something called a Glimpse of Reverie which awards you 15 Glimpses. As stated in one of our previous guides, Glimpses are a form of currency in Mortal Shell that you can use to upgrade your shell and unlock new abilities. Having access to 15 Glimpses right off the bat can be extremely beneficial, so it’s worth it to take the time to beat Hadern in the Mortal Shell beta.

If you fail to beat Hadern on your first try, you can always exit to the main menu when you spawn in Falgrim. From the main menu, select “new game” and overwrite your previous save to start over with the tutorial again. You can do this as many times as you need until you’re able to beat Hadern. 

Now that you know you can beat Hadern in the Mortal Shell beta, how to do it, and what you get when you beat him, we have a few other Mortal Shell guides we think you’ll find useful! 


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