Can Stufful Be Shiny in Pokemon GO? – Answered

Please don't cuddle the teddy bear.

Pokemon Stufful
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Stufful, the incredibly cute teddy bear-like Pokemon that first appeared in Generation VII and evolves into the bone-crushing hugger, Bewear, is the star of Pokemon GO’s latest Spotlight Hour. As each Spotlight Hour focuses solely on a singular Pokemon, trainers are always eager to know whether or not the chosen Pokemon can be shiny. The answer often changes depending on which Pokemon is chosen. So, can Stufful be shiny in Pokemon GO?

Is Stufful Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Trainers can breathe a sigh of relief as the answer is a resounding yes. If you are lucky, you can find a shiny Stufful in Pokemon GO. The shiny variant of Stufful was first released during its Community Day in April 2022. Whilst it is likely that participating trainers were able to catch the shiny version of Stufful, a second opportunity to do so never goes amiss and allows trainers who may have missed out to have the opportunity to catch their own golden panda.

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As Stufful is a normal Pokemon spawn, it doesn’t benefit from the increased shiny rate. So, whether it was encountered during Spotlight Hour or organically during normal play, the chance of encountering the shiny variant of Stufful is 1 in 500, which was the figure that fan-favourite The Silph Road had published when active. As low as that number may seem, persistence is the key when it comes to RNG, so keep tapping those bears, and eventually, you should get lucky!

Luckily, Niantic does rotate Pokemon GO spawns on occasion. The nests that certain Pokemon spawn in are also rotated. On top of this, Pokemon GO has a plethora of constant in-game events that spawn different event-based Pokemon. So, if you missed your chance to catch a shiny Stufful and do not have a fellow trainer to trade with, there is always next time.

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