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Can Regieleki be Shiny in Pokemon GO – Answered

Are your Shiny dreams about to go up in smoke?

by Daphne Fama

There’s quite a bit of fuss going on in Pokemon GO, with boycotts and infuriated hashtags dominating Twitter. But despite all that, Pokemon keep right on rolling out. That’s the case with the Electron Pokemon, Regieleki. But can you find Regieleki Shiny in Pokemon GO? Here’s your question answered.

Can Regieleki be Shiny in Pokemon GO – Answered

Pokemon GO has seen quite the parade of elemental Pokemon over the last few months. From the primordial forces of the Regi legends to the very embodiments of land and sea, Groudon and Kyogre. But with Regieleki we’re continuing with the elemental golem line.

On April 9, Regieleki made its debut in Pokemon GO in Elite Raids. Elite Raids are the most difficult challenge in Pokemon GO, and it’s suggested that you have at least 10 total trainers present to take out this Pokemon.

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And yes, with the changes Niantic has made, all ten people will have to be there in person. But you might be wondering if it’s worth farming out these Elite Raids in search of the elusive Shiny Regieleki? Is it even possible to find Shiny Regieleki?

The answer is no. Shiny Regieleki still hasn’t made its debut. And because it hasn’t appeared yet in this Raid, it will probably be quite some time before we finally see it. But it’s likely that it will appear eventually, as Shiny Regice is available in Pokemon GO.

If you still want Regieleki but you’re not quite certain how to approach this monstrous force of electricity, we have you covered. Here’s your guide on how to start an Elite Raid in Pokemon GO: How to Get Regieleki in Pokemon GO.

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