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Can Bergmite be Shiny in Pokémon GO? – Answered

Get a shiny new ice chunk.

Bergmite has been around in for a little over one year and just in time for the anniversary, there are plenty of Pokémon GO Winter Holiday additions catered to the Ice Chunk Pokémon. There has never been a better time to catch the Ice-type and yet another form is on the way as well.

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Just because a Pokémon has been around for a year in GO doesn’t mean it always has a shiny form. Some of the additions from the earlier Generations, like III and IV, are still missing shiny forms. We’ll tell you whether Bergmite can be shiny or not in Pokémon GO and if you should look for one in the 2022 Winter Holiday event.

Pokémon GO – Can Bergmite be Shiny?

Upon the Ice Chunk debut, there was only a standard form. But as of the Winter Holiday 2022 event, we have yet another shiny to collect. Bergmite can officially be shiny in Pokémon GO and this week is the perfect time to try and catch one for yourself. Not only is it one of the wild spawns for the duration of December, but it is also one of the Spotlight features on December 20.

The Spotlight Hour always goes live at 6 pm local time on Tuesdays, this time the date being December 20. During that hour, Bergmite will be the only main spawn in the wild, and more spawns will appear than usual. There is no increased spawn rate, but more Bergmites means more chances for a shiny.

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Remember that you don’t need to catch a Pokémon to see if it’s shiny. As soon as you start an encounter, you’ll know if the Bergmite is shiny or not and you can either catch it or end the encounter. Use this technique to view as many Bergmites as possible before the hour ends. Even if you don’t get one though, you still have the rest of the Winterfest 2022 event.

Hisuian Avalugg is also on the way as of December 24, so make sure to stock up on as many Bergmire candies as you can in Pokémon GO. You’ll need them to increase CP or add another move to the Avalugg.

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