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Call of Duty: WWII – All Memento Locations

by Josh Hawkins

Call of Duty: World War II has quite a few hidden surprises in its campaign missions, and each mission contains three special Mementos, which are collectibles that players can find and obtain to unlock a trophy. These items are small, and they’ll be easy to miss as you make your way through the various campaign missions in COD: WWII, but if you acquire them all, you’ll unlock the Pieces of History trophy. Today we’ll show you how to find all of Mementos in Call of Duty: WWII, so that you can add the Pieces of History trophy to your line-up.

All D-Day Mementos

The first level that players undertake in Call of Duty: World War II tasks them with storming the beaches of Normandy to create a foothold for the Allied troops. There are three collectibles in this level, and we’ve broken them down below.

Nazi Knife

The first Memento is found as you first enter the trenches. Ignore the steps off to the left and make your way into the last bunker to find this Nazi Knife sticking out of a piece of wood setup behind some sandbags.


Players can find the second Memento after they clear out the bunker with the flamethrower. Make your way back out, past the next bunker’s entrance and out to an open area. Here you’ll find the entrance to another room that has opened up. Head inside to find the Compass on the desk inside.

Pathfinder Patch

The Pathfinder Patch Memento can be found after you destroy the artillery near the farmhouse. Head inside the barn and look out for this Memento on the far end of the bench.

All Operation Cobra Mementos

The second mission in Call of Duty: World War II has three Mementos hidden throughout the mission.


This Memento can be located after the start of the mission, before you hop onto the tank. Turn to the right and make sure to grab this item off the barrel behind a couple of talking soldiers.

Pocket Watch

The Pocket Watch Memento can be found after you clear the forest path, where you have to deal with the large AA gun. Look for a shed off to the left and look for this Pocket Watch on a desk inside.

Gas Mask

After you stack up behind the tank and have to move into the next area, look out for a tunnel off to the right, that you can enter. Look for this Memento on a dead enemy’s face inside the area.

All Stronghold Mementos

The third mission in Call of Duty: World War II contains three total Mementos for players to find and acquire.


The first Memento in Stronghold can be found after you approach the bombed-out building with all the soldiers inside. Make your way upstairs and look for the Locket hanging on the mirror in the child’s bedroom.

SS Pin

This Memento can be found by turning right when you are facing the doorway where the flamethrower enemy appears. Look for a small crater in the ground to find this Memento tucked into a hole in the crater.

Fuel Canister

The final Memento in this level can be found while defending the area after you escape the church. Head straight down the slope and look for the Fuel Canister Memento off on your right. Interact with it to collect it.

We’ll continue to update this guide with more Memento locations as we discover them, so be sure to check back daily for the most up to date information. Looking for more help in Call of Duty: WWII? Check out our in-depth Nazi Zombies guide for more helpful articles in the newest zombies mode for Call of Duty.