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Call of Duty: WW2 – How to Find All Recordings in The Shadowed Throne

by Josh Hawkins

The latest chapter of Call of Duty: WW2’s zombies story is finally here, and there are a series of recordings that you can locate and obtain in The Shadowed Throne that will give a little depth to the story in the map. In this article we’ll show you how to find recordings in the Shadowed Throne for WW2, which will put you one step closer to solving all of the mysteries of the latest zombies’ map. So read on as we get right to how to find all recordings in Shadowed Throne.

How to Find Both Recordings

There are currently only two known recordings in The Shadowed Throne that players need to find. The first recording can be found by shooting a series of lamps to turn on all of the 8 lamps in the theater. You’ll need to turn on all of the lamps in the following order:

The lamp to the right of the front desk.

The lamp on the table next to the instruments.

The lamp at the top of the pile of rubble.

The lamp near the piano on the stage.

The lamp close to the stage levers.

The lamp over on the clothing rack.

The lamp on the table close to the cheetah.

The final lamp on the left side of the desk at the front of the theater.

Once you shoot all of the lamp , the lamps will have all been turned on and the you’ll receive the first recording. Make sure to listen to it.

The second record is a bit easier to obtain. First, head to the Apartments and look for the Record on top of the filing cabinets. Once you have the Record, look for the dead woman laying in the bed. There should be a Gramophone next to her. Insert the record into the Gramophone and then the song Dark Wings should begin to play. This should cause the dead woman’s hand to open, allowing you to grab the recording from her now open palm.

We’ll keep an eye open for any additional recordings that might be hidden around the new zombies’ map, but for now be sure to check out our guide on how to find the Pack-A-Punch and upgrade your weapons. We’ll have more zombies content over the next couple of days, so check back often for the most up to date information about the latest Call of Duty: WW2 DLC.


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