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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5 New Maps

by Lucas White

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5 starts tomorrow, August 5, 2020. All kinds of new features and things to do are coming along with the new Season, including a new Battle Pass, new stuff to do on the Warzone map, and new Operators to play as. You can also expect some brand new maps in the regular Modern Warfare multiplayer mode, alongside modes like Ground War and Gunfight.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5 New Maps

In total, four new maps are coming along with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5. Two of the maps are for Multiplayer, one is for Gunfight, and the other is for Ground War. Each map brings a new location to these game types, although there is some neat crossover that some players may be able to notice.

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Livestock – Gunfight

You could probably make a Bay of Pigs joke here if you really wanted to (I don’t). In this new Gunfight map, players will be able to rush in and around this rural barn area, which Infinity Ward says features a “honeycomb of flank routes.” The map features all kinds of farm staples including hay bales and farm equipment, making for some unconventional cover for this close-combat-oriented mode.

Petrov Oil Rig – Multiplayer

This map, which is set on board of a massive, operational oil rig, is new to the series. It’s a 6v6 map that is set “in the frigid waters of a classified ocean location well away from the usual Modern Warfare locales.” There are five major zones in this map, with starting points either being a lifeboat muster station or helicopter landing pad on opposite ends of the whole space. Players will battle through the other areas, including the central bridge, cafeteria, oil storage, and the drill.

Suldal Harbor – Multiplayer

This map is a real blast from the past. Suldal Harbor is a reimagined version of the Harbor map from the very first Call of Duty. Set in the Middle East just outside of a medieval castle (you can’t go to the castle, unfortunately), this 6v6 map is considered “medium” sized, and is structured around tight corners and crucial chokepoints. It seems like distinct roles within teams might be an effective strategy here, with close-range weaponry being ideal for managing the chokepoints, and long-range fare being useful for protecting objectives.

Verdansk International Airport – Ground War

Normally you’d only see this area if you were playing Warzone, but now the VIA building is a Ground War map for the core game. The battle takes place both inside and outside of the airport, and involves the parking garage, subway instance, hangars, and even an apartment complex nearby. This is a substantive map, and Infinity Ward stresses here that there are plenty of opportunities for different styles of play. There’s something for everyone in the airport, which would be a nice thing to be able to say about a real airport, but alas.

Ahead of tomorrow’s launch, that’s what we know so far about the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5 new maps. What do you think about these new locations? Is it cool to see a tribute to the original game, or are you more interested in the new locations? Hit us up on the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels with your opinions!


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