Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – SMG List and Class Info

Learn more about each SMG featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

If you enjoy running and gunning in Call of Duty games, then you’ll most likely find yourself behind the wheel of one of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s stylish new SMGs. In this article we’ll be listing each SMG, talking about SMG classes and buffs, as well as other information for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

SMG Stats and Reviews

The latest installment of the Call of Duty series includes five submachine guns which players can use and become effective with.


The Erad, the first weapon on our list of SMGs, provides the highest accuracy statistic out of all five of the SMGs offered in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Firing off over 800 RPM (rounds per minute), this bad boy can put a hurting on any enemies, and even take them down within 4 shots from roughly 410 meters away. Anything further than that will take upwards of 5 or 6 shots to pull off, so be aware of that before you equip this weapon and head into battle. You’ll need to take cover to reload this highly accurate SMG, as it takes almost 2.5 seconds to reload. This weapon is great for embracing the run and gun nature of the SMG class, and should never be treated as a long range weapon.


The FHR40, which looks eerily similar to a futuristic P90, offers up an extremely high rate of fire thanks to a unique magnetic bolt carrier. Its modest range could be a turn off for some players, though, as it takes 4 shots to kill within 200 meters, 5 from 200 to 500 meters, and then 6 shots on-target to take down any enemies beyond the 500 meter mark. All around the weapon feels a bit weak compared to some of the other SMGs available. It’s high fire rate causes more reloads, which can lead to death thanks to the guns almost 3 second reload from empty. It’s fairly low damage output also makes it a bit underpowered compared to other SMGs, so that is all something to take into consideration when equipping this weapon.


Featuring built-in dual magazines, this small ballistic powered SMG has a lot of punch to pack. It also spots a high rate of fire, leveling out at almost 800 RPM. From empty it takes almost 3 seconds to reload, however, the additional magazine space makes having to reload often less likely. The increased magazine space also comes in handy because of the Karma-45’s damage dropoff. Within 600 meters you can easily take out a target with 4 shots, whereas 600 to 800 meters will require 5. Anything beyond 800 meters will require up to 6 shots to take them out. In close quarter combat, the Karma-45’s high magazine capacity and intense fire rate make it a must use for run and gun players.


Many players might notice that the next weapon on our list looks more like an assault rifle than a SMG. This is because of the weapons special toggle mode, which allows it to act like an assault rifle when activated. This mode activates just like the Type 2 assault rifle’s special mode, which we already discussed in our assault rifle list, stats, and loadouts guide. Simply press and hold the Weapon Switch button to toggle between SMG and assault rifle mode. With AR mode activated it only takes 3 shots within 1300 meters to kill a target, whereas using this weapon in SMG mode will take anywhere from 4 to 7 shots depending on the range. Damage drop off is a huge negative for this weapon, with targets within 600 meters taking 5 shots to kill. This SMG is best used in AR mode, as it allows for greater damage output, and more stabilized recoil pattern.


The final SMG in the game, the HVR offers up the best stopping power available within this class of weapon. Taking only 3 shots to kill within close quarter battles up to 200 meters, this SMG also offers up the shortest reload time from empty, taking only 2.2 seconds. The HVR’s rate of fire is also fairly low on the list, offering up roughly 740 RPM. It isn’t the slowest out there, though, and all around the fire rate feels more dependable given the stopping power available in this weapon.

SMGs are great weapons for players that like to stay up close and personal. With the ability to constantly stay on the move, and the increased verticality included in Infinite Warfare, these weapons are great for those looking to consistently flank and take out their enemies. Just remember that many of these weapons have slow reload times, so you’ll want to refrain from running each magazine dry when possible. You can learn more about the other weapons and items included in this game by heading over to our Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare guide.

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