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Call of Duty: Ghosts Free-for-All Multiplayer Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Free-for-All multiplayer mode maintains the basic scoring idea behind Team Deathmatch, but that’s where the comparisons end. In this popular mode, players are on their own with games featuring up to eight players. The game is won when a player reaches 30 kills or the 10-minute time limit expires. If time expires, the player with the most kills is declared victorious.

Area of Operation

No matter what map you’re on, one of the most effective tactics in Free-for-All is to control a small section of the map. No, we’re not talking about camping, but rather blindly running around waiting to get shot in the back. Think of the map as a square, and separate it into four quarters. The goal here is to control one of those quarters. This should be an area that is comfortable or familiar to you. Be aware of the entrances, exits and flank routes. We are big fans of the IED, and this is a perfect situation to use it. Place it by a door or pathway to eliminate one of the directions you can be attacked from. Just like we advised with other game modes, stick to the perimeter of the map. Using the natural boundaries eliminates one of the directions you can be engaged from.

Let’s Talk Perks

When deciding on perks, the Speed category is definitely one to keep in mind in almost all situations. Beyond that, consider Quickdraw from the Handling category, which will give you faster aiming. Off the Grid from Stealth as well as Scavenger and Wiretap from Awareness should get some consideration. Off the Grid will keep you from popping up on those pesky SAT COMs,while Wiretap will allow you to use all players’ SAT COMs as your own. Our personal favorite is Scavenger, since it will allow you to top off your ammo from the bodies of dead enemies. If you plan to hold down a section of the map, this is essential. Given that you only get eight points to spend on your perks, all of our suggestions won’t make the cut, so try some different combinations to see what works best for you.

Choosing Your Strike Package

When it came to Strike Packages, we found the Assault category to be the most beneficial. In a race to 30 kills, you should take all the offensive assistance you can get. In Free-for-All, we suggest two fairly low kill streak rewards and one high one. Of course, go with the SAT COM to mark enemy positions on your mini map. This is a perfect compliment to our strategy of controlling a specific area of the map. Next, go with the Guard Dog to watch your back. He’ll spend most of the time making sure nobody sneaks up behind you and will stay with you the entire game, or until he’s killed. Again, perfect for our area of operation plan. Lastly, go for the Juggernaut Maniac,which is given to you at 11 consecutive kills. For some players, this might be slightly intimidating, but our previous perk choices and advice should help you reach this kill streak reward.

Free-for-All is a tough game mode. There’s only a one in eight chance of victory. However, if you follow our advice, you’ll greatly increase your odds of victory. Remember to find a comfortable section of the map to work in, plan your perks and strike packages to compliment this, and go to work.

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