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Call of Duty: Ghosts – Extinction Mode Guide

by Prima Games Staff

Call of Duty is a franchise known for its cooperative game modes. From the straight up co-op of Modern Warfare 2 to the introduction of Zombies in Black Ops, these game modes are quickly becoming cult classics. With Call of Duty: Ghosts, Activision introduced Extinction, a fast-paced, team oriented game that has you facing off against endless waves of aliens.

Getting Started

Extinction offers many different options for players to enjoy. If you don’t have any friends online, try jumping into a Public Match, where you’ll be paired with random players from around the world. If you’re feeling particularly brave, hit up a Solo Match and see how you stack up without the benefit of a team. If you’ve never played before, we suggest trying to hook up with some friends. Don’t forget to turn those microphones on.

Similar to multiplayer, Extinction has players customize their load outs depending on their individual styles of play. When you first start out, there aren’t many options available. You need to jump into the game and get your hands dirty to unlock new classes, weapons and perks. It shouldn’t take too long. In fact, we were able to go from rank one to five in a single game.

Classes include Weapon Specialist, Tank, Engineer and Medic. Each of them has their strengths, so you’ll want to choose something that compliments your playing style. While the Weapon Specialist causes 20 percent more bullet damage, the Tank increases your health by 25 percent. If you’re playing with some friends or have a headset for in-game chat, co-ordinate with your teammates to ensure you achieve a good balance.

Your second choice to make in regards to your load out is your Pistol Type. Once again, you have four choices and it comes down to personal play style. The default P226 is a great option providing medium damage and a large magazine. For those looking for a slightly more belligerent option, try the powerful .44 Magnum. It’s only a six-shooter, but the high caliber round will put advancing aliens down a lot quicker. Of course if you miss, you have less rounds to correct your mistakes.

Lastly, you have four perks to choose from. These are broken down between Ammo Type, Team Support, Strike Package and Equalizer. This is another area that you’ll want to coordinate with your squad. Depending on the perk, you can supply your team with additional or different types of ammo, explosives, strike packages and even turrets. The more variations you have, the better the firepower you can unleash on the alien scum.

Lock and Load

When you get into a game, much like Zombies before it, you’ll be somewhat underwhelmed with the first couple of waves. Do your best to kill as many aliens as possible. Each alien killed will earn you money and increase your rank. Money can be used to buy in-game bonuses such as assault rifles, access to the turrets and even activate electric fences. Don’t go spending foolishly though. You can survive the first waves fairly easily. Save your money for the later rounds when the intensity gets cranked up. 

Extinction is broken down into chapters. Chapter 1 will have you playing Point of Contact. Your goal is to use a drill to destroy hives and make your way to a crater. Think of the drill like a VIP. You need to move the drill from hive to hive, keeping it safe from the advancing aliens. Try hanging out next to the drill in the early rounds. There won’t be too many aliens to deal with, but you’ll ensure you’re in the middle of the action where all the money is.

Nobody Dies Today

When you’re in-game and take too much damage, you enter a downed state. You aren’t dead, but you’re only able to crawl around and use your pistol. If you’re alive and your teammate is down, it’s imperative that you revive them quickly. More hands in the fight benefits everyone. However, if you are down, make sure to move as close to teammates as possible, allowing you to get revived much easier.

Throughout the different waves in Extinction, you’ll score access to equipment such as turrets (for a small fee). Although these have devastating firepower, they also leave you vulnerable to attack from the sides and rear. If you’re planning to jump on a turret, call out for a teammate to cover you. On the other hand, if you see a teammate occupying a turret, return the favor and keep them safe. 

Final Thoughts

The further you get into Extinction, the more it becomes obvious this is a game mode that puts the emphasis on teamwork first and skill second. Go into each game thinking about how you can help your team. As we’ve mentioned already, having a headset is a huge bonus, as it is with any multiplayer game mode. Call out threats, request assistance or develop a plan. The more you play as one cohesive unit, the easier it will be to climb through the ranks.

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