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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Verge Map Tips

by Prima Games Staff

If you played Call of Duty: World At War you will remember the classic multiplayer map, Banzai. Set in the middle of a jungle, Banzai featured an impressive waterfall and a system of hidden caves. It was a very well-balanced map with plenty of high spots for snipers, as well as underground caves and narrow walkways for ground combat.

It would makes sense that Treyarch is bringing this map back in their latest DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, in the form of Verge. As part of the Eclipse map pack it’s a notable inclusion, especially for gamers who mastered Banzai during World At War. Just keep in mind that it’s been revamped and revitalized with a Black Ops 3 approach in mind.

Here are a few key tips about Verge that will keep you alive!

The Center Area

What you will notice about this impressive medium-sized map is that there’s a decent amount of stretch at the bottom. This acts as a long walkway which is useful when it comes to getting into quick gun battles against enemies approaching from the other side.

However, it’s also a place where you’re likely to be taken out if you don’t find some quick cover. It may be the fastest way to navigate the map, but there are other paths available. Including routes that take you to the upper side of the map, right near either side of the alley entrance. Try to use these as often as you can to avoid ending up in troublesome situations.

The very bottom of the map also provides space to run around and avoid this narrow area, as you can wallrun from ledge to ledge to reach the other side. Watch out for the open doorway on the lower left side. Someone could easily spot you wallruning if you take your time, and then rain down a hail of bullets as the second you land.

Your best bet is to wallrun all the way to the end past the open doorway, then drop down. This will serve as a suitable spot to pick off opponents as they run through the doorway. Especially if they’re focused on aiming at your teammates wallrunning to the other side. Stay on the lower path (after jumping up to the ledge you were originally headed), because the higher-up you are the more likely you are to become target practice for snipers. Stick to the interiors, and watch your corners and open spaces.

The Caves

Similar to Banzai, Verge features a number of caves connecting to other areas of the map (both top and bottom sections). These are a great way to get around in a hurry and surprise enemies. You’ll want to keep your finger on the trigger, as you are likely to run into some foot traffic.

The key is to watch the entrances. Enemies could easily pop in from the side or main entryways looking for a fight. Go down into the lower area if possible. If you see them approaching, prepare a defense like a quick grenade throw.

The lower part of the cave also includes an underwater tunnel that you can swim through, which will take you to the lower or middle sections of the map depending on where you’re coming from. These are a great way to take an enemy by surprise, especially on higher platforms where they’re likely to be distracted by enemies on the ground. Don’t stick around for too long, though – they’ll get wise to your position and personally seek you out.

Also, watch out for campers lurking within the caves. There’s plenty of cover on the upper section of the map that a few may be hiding, waiting for unwary opponents to run past. Approach your exit carefully, and always be prepared. You can even throw out a grenade for added safety, then follow after it detonates.

The Upper Path

Finally, the upper portion of the map may not be as chaotic as the lower part, but is still full of soldiers ready to take you down. There are a few spots you can hide behind if the battle becomes too hectic, but again avoid staying in one place for too long. The entryway that takes you back to the caves in the center of the map is the perfect place to double back if things get too heated.

The left and right ends are probably the biggest sections of the map, as they’re extremely wide open. They’ll provide a good amount of traction when it comes to getting around, and each connect to the caves if you need to use them. Just remember to always be on the lookout for enemies waiting in this area, particularly snipers.

That’s it! Good luck with Verge, and keep on fighting!

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