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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Eclipse Knockout Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Ever since its release on the PlayStation 4 last week, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s Eclipse DLC pack has been making waves, with fans picking out a number of favorite maps. However, one particular map that shouldn’t be overlooked is Knockout. Featuring has a gorgeous Eastern-styled aesthetic, and plenty of great locations for raking in kills.

The map takes place on the private estate of an eccentric business person, who apparently doesn’t mind you and your rivals killing one another on his property. It’s definitely one of the most decorative offerings in the new map pack, and we’ve compiled a few tips on how you can master it!

Knockout Overview


This is a decent sized map with an abundance of interior and exterior areas to run through. In the center you’ll find a roundabout where you can engage in some quick skirmishes, along with a number of buildings that offer perfect cover for snipers to shoot from. There are also various internal structures you can navigate through if you’re looking to constantly keep on the move and catch your enemies by surprise.

You probably don’t want to linger around the center too long, as someone can easily take you out from one of the nearby rooftops. Instead, make use of the inside structures. You’re less likely to get hit this way, and you can set up shop around certain corners to surprise your opponents.

The Long Way Around

One interesting feature about Knockout is that you don’t have to run directly through the center. You can actually make your way around the outside of the map using your wall running technique. Granted, if done incorrectly you’ll take a nasty fall. Make sure you time your jumps accurately in order to make it to the other side alive.

Around the back of the area you’ll find a big drop-off next to a wall covered in golden gongs. This is the perfect location to get into some nasty assault rifle-based action. Standing on the edge allows you to make the quick decision whether to go either low or high, as you can reach the bridge up top with a wall run, or head below to seek out trouble. Avoid staying on the ledge as an enemy also has the ability to come from one of these directions. If you have a second to spare, try shooting the gongs on the wall. They actually make realistic sounds in response!

To the very left of the stage is a DJ station where you can battle enemies amidst retro-themed lighting and disco music. However, keep in mind that they could be watching the entrance. The best option is to take the outside route. Run along the walls and end up on the other end where you can flank enemies through the open window and doorway. Your opponents might also have the same idea in mind, so be sure to keep your gun drawn just in case.

Finally, on the lower right side of the map there’s a small walkway you can use if you don’t feel like being out in the open where a sniper can spot you. Be careful – the space is cramped making it easy work if an enemy is in active pursuit.  There’s also a rock you can jump around that will take you farther to the right side of the map if you feel like the situation has become a little too hot to handle. There are some spaces you can rocket slide under as well to quickly return to the center of the map.

A Rock and a Hard Place

Another fun spot is located in the upper left corner of the map, right after you cross the section with the gongs on the wall. There’s a big rock that can be used for cover, while still giving you easy access to two different doorways enemies might run through. Use this position to rack up a few easy kills, but don’t get too comfortable. Remember that you’re left open from the other end. Not only from enemies below, but also the ones crossing the bridge.

You can also choose to make use of the outer walkways to skirt around rocks and corner enemies, like the one we mentioned in the lower right corner. Again the key here is landing in the right spot and taking them out before they spot you. Visibility goes a long way to being successful in this map, so use those tight corners to your advantage.

And that’s it! Knockout definitely lives up to its name in many ways.


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