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Bouncy Hoops – How to Unlock New Balls

by Josh Hawkins

Bouncy Hoops is a fun little time killer that challenges players to tap the screen and bounce a basketball into the net. It plays a lot like other tap-based gamed, like Flappy Bird and the like, and as players compete to get higher and higher scores, they’ll also be given a chance to unlock several new balls. While these balls won’t give you anything extra, or add to the game in any way, players will want to unlock them, as this is the only way to unlock new courts. In this article we’ll show you how to unlock new balls in Bouncy Hoops, and even offer some helpful hints to speed up the process.

Earn Coins

The easiest way to unlock new balls is to earn coins during your normal matches. As you complete goals, new goals will appear, allowing you to go for even tougher shots. Sometimes these goals will also bring coins, which you can grab by hitting them with the basketball. When gained, these coins will be added to your wallet.

After each match has ended, you can easily see where you currently stand, and how many coins you’ll need to unlock a new ball. You can earn coins in both Arcade and Timed, though we’ve often found it easier to load up Timed mode, which gives you 1 minute to play, and just grab them there. On average we were able to grab 10-20 coins a match, depending on how long we were able to keep the timer extended by landing combo shots.

Unlock a New Ball

Once you have earned enough coins, you’ll be given the option to unlock a new ball after you complete a match. Click on the icon in the menu, and then you’ll open up a box that randomly chooses a ball for you. We’re not sure yet what happens if you obtain the same ball again, or even if you can, but this is the only way to unlock new balls without paying with real-world cash.

Now, if you don’t mind putting a few dollars into the game, you can easily head to the main menu and press on the icon with the basketball. This will take you to the ball shop, where you can purchase new balls for just 99 cents USD. This is the quickest way to obtain new balls, but if you want to purchase your way to a new court, you’ll have to spend at least $5 to unlock five balls, and then unlock the court.

Right now there are no other ways to unlock new balls in Bouncy Hoops. If you don’t want to spend real money on the game, simply grab yourself a comfy chair and head into Arcade or Timed mode, depending on which one you want to do. In fact, we’d suggest changing it up every now and then, as this will make it less likely that you’ll grow annoyed or bored of the grind.