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Borderlands 3 Show Me The Eridium Week

by Ginny Woo


For those that have been keeping up with the Borderlands tenth anniversary festivities, we’re pleased to say that things are definitely ticking along. That’s right – we’re talking about the next bracket of fun things that Gearbox has planned for us Vault Hunters on Pandora and beyond. With Rare Spawn Week wrapping up, it’s now time for us to turn our attention to the next big thing – the Borderlands 3 Show Me the Eridium event

Borderlands 3 Show Me The Eridium Week

Now, there’s been a whole heap of goodies gifted to us aspiring adventurers (read: murderers) in Borderlands 3 so far with the previous two celebratory events. Show Me the Eridium, however, is going to take that philosophy to another bonkers level. “But how is this going to happen?” you cry, brain absolutely too fried from farming Rakkman over and over during the course of the past week to even put together a coherent thought. 

Well, easy: Eridium is going to drop from standard enemies for a week. Yup. You heard that right. Just your regular, run-of-the-mill skag is going to have some shiny purple stuff hidden around in its guts. Bash some bandit skulls together and voila! More Eridium. The sky’s really the limit here since every enemy is essentially just a meatbag to store Eridium until you come along and rip it out of them. The only thing standing between you and a wealth of the good stuff is your ability to slaughter. If you’re playing on Mayhem mode, then you’re going to be able to enjoy enhanced drops, so ramp up that difficulty and get to killing.

When you need a break from all that bloodshed, you can head over to Moxxi too – the Borderlands 3 Show Me the Eridium event will give her discount slots, and also net you cheaper items from Crazy Earl. Considering that Eridium is really the life-blood of the true endgame experience (fashion, duh), this is the best week for you to go absolutely bonkers on farming it. You’re also going to want to keep some on hand for handy items if you’re chewing your way through the post-game so don’t spend it all on one pair of cat ears, mate. 

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