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Borderlands 3 Nova Berner Guide: Bernie Sanders Easter Egg

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve received the news that it’s currently Boss Week in Borderlands 3, then you’re probably out there trying your darndest to farm up some unique Legendary items. While there are a ton of ways to get Legendary weapons in the game, the most efficient way is likely farming specific bosses instead of relying on random drops around the overworld. Check out our Borderlands 3 Nova Berner guide for some tips on how to get this shield.

Borderlands 3 Nova Berner Guide: Bernie Sanders Easter Egg

If the Nova Berner originally sounds a little innocuous, we don’t blame you. However, squint a little at the “Feel the Bern” flavor text that comes with the shield, then it quickly becomes very clear that this is a Bernie Sanders easter egg. Not content with the Rick and Morty easter egg that popped up in the game in the form of another cool weapon (which we have a guide on), the Gearbox team has absolutely packed this title to the gills with pop culture references. 

Why would you want to be Team Sanders on Pandora? Well, the shield is an Incendiary one and it has a special effect that will make your enemies feel the bern – it spits out an Incendiary nova when the shield is depleted and recharged. If you’re someone that likes being on the frontlines and absolutely soaking up all the bullets that your enemies can send your way, then this is a very lethal way of getting the last word in. 

The Nova Berner can be picked up anywhere in the overworld, as mentioned. You can randomly acquire it from any apparatus that gives you loot. This could be a chest, killing something, or, well, a disgusting portable toilet. There’s not really any room to be picky on Pandora. However, we did say that it’s Boss Week, and our guide to the Legendary items affected has an honorable mention for the Nova Berner: Troy has an increased chance to drop this shield until 8 October, so we would recommend hauling ass over there to defeat him. 

If you were after the Borderlands 3 Nova Berner shield, then this guide should help you in getting it as efficiently as possible. If you’re still on the fence about some of the other unique items in the game, check out our guide for picking up the Lyuda legendary weapon.

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