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Borderlands 3 Mother of Grogans Rare Spawn Location

by Nicholas Barth

The 10th-anniversary celebration event for Borderlands is currently underway for entry 3 in the franchise. One of the new pieces of content players can enjoy in Borderlands 3 for the event is the Rare Spawn Hunt where a variety of bosses in the game’s universe have a much higher chance of dropping a specific legendary item. One of these bosses is the Mother of Grogans, and we have the location of her covered for you. 

Borderlands 3 Mother of Grogans Rare Spawn Location

Players will find the Mother of Grogans Borderlands 3 rare spawn location on f Eden-6 in the area known as the Anvil. This particular boss will then be found in a room at the very back of the sewers you will find in the Anvil area. 

You can find a visual representation of the rare spawn location for the Borderlands 3 Mother of Grogans below courtesy of YouTuber Arekkz Gaming

Borderlands 3 Mother of Grogans Rare Spawn Location

You will need to open up the chest in the middle of the room of the rare spawn location to make the Borderlands 3 Mother of Grogans appear in this specific rare spawn location. Those who can defeat her will have a chance to acquire a random legendary artifact for their inventory. There will be a total of four enemies you will have to fight with her having three creatures flying around her breathing fire on you and your teammates. 

Game of Thrones fans will recognize the Mother of Grogans as a nod to the Game of Thrones character of Daenerys Targaryen in just one of the many Easter Eggs that are available for players to find in the universe of the popular game.  

We here at Prima Games wish you luck on your quest to defeat the Mother of Grogans at her Borderlands 3 rare spawn location! Let us know how your battle goes over on Twitter and Facebook. Are you looking for more coverage of the new in-game event for the high-profile looter-shooter? Check out our guides for finding the Force Troopers and the Red Jabber

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